Thursday, 16 November 2017

Bear with me...

a shiny, new, much more functional website is in the making. Hopefully to launch in January... watch this space!

Friday, 21 April 2017

Win a Custom House Portrait!

Come find me on Instagram (@jenrussellsmithillustration) for a chance to win a custom house portrait of the building of your choice. Also for glimpses of works in progress, the contents of my sketchbook and other bits and pieces that catch my eye.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Botanical Note Cards

New botanical thank you post cards just listed in my Etsy shop in packs of five. Perfect for sending thanks for your Easter eggs, maybe?

A twisty, twiny floral design with tiny purple and yellow flowers and a hand-lettered 'thank you' in the middle.

Friday, 31 March 2017

Pet Portraits

I'm now taking commissions for pet or animal portraits - please see the listing in my Etsy shop. Happy to have a go at drawing any sort of beast; furry, hairy, scaly or slimy.

(I don't actually know anyone who owns a giraffe, more's the pity. I was asked to draw him as they're a favourite animal and I'm very fond of his sleepy face.)

Friday, 24 March 2017

Over the sea...

One of the lovely things about receiving commissions is that I end up drawing things I would never have thought of otherwise. As in the case of this house portrait, the original of which is located far away and across the ocean in the Outer Hebrides.

Thanks to the undoubted miracle of Google Streetview, I spent a happy few hours imagining myself a terribly long way from here whilst I painted.  The portrait was commissioned as a gift for a couple who had moved to the mainland after bringing up a family in this home. I was particularly asked to include the tree as they were very proud to have grown it from a seed; it's so windy on the island trees are few and far between.

Commission your own portrait of your house or other beloved building - wedding venue, pub, school or shed - via my Etsy shop.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Hand lettered watercolour cards

A bit of a departure from some of my previous designs, but I'm really pleased with these hand lettered watercolour cards. I made them primarily for myself (all the best things seem to start that way...) as I'm frequently frustrated that I can't find the perfect card for a birthday or whatever. Especially for men, when the designs seem to heavily rely on boats, beer or gardening. Or golf. So I came up with these which I'm fairly confident are suitable for pretty much any recipient. Even tiny children who could use them as some sort of alphabet primer

Now available in my Etsy shop for the princely sum of £2 each. And free postage to the UK for the rest of March with the code SPRING17

Friday, 10 March 2017

Asters + free postage

(Please imagine me doing whatever the e-equivalent may be to sweeping out cobwebs and opening creaky windows as I try and remember which way up the laptop goes and which bit of the pen is the inkiest...)

Spring is apparently sprung so I felt something flowery was probably the best way to ease myself gently back into the world. So here is an aster addition to my collection of floral cards. 

Did you know that, much like a birthstone, you have a birth flower? I did not, but do now after being asked to create an aster card to celebrate a September birthday. If you're keen to know what your birth flower might be (and they differ, like so many things, between the US and UK) Wikipedia proves itself as useful as ever.

Aster cards available in my shop,  now fairly well stocked once again. I'm also offering free postage on any orders over £10 until the end of March with the code SPRING17