Friday, 10 March 2017

Asters + free postage

(Please imagine me doing whatever the e-equivalent may be to sweeping out cobwebs and opening creaky windows as I try and remember which way up the laptop goes and which bit of the pen is the inkiest...)

Spring is apparently sprung so I felt something flowery was probably the best way to ease myself gently back into the world. So here is an aster addition to my collection of floral cards. 

Did you know that, much like a birthstone, you have a birth flower? I did not, but do now after being asked to create an aster card to celebrate a September birthday. If you're keen to know what your birth flower might be (and they differ, like so many things, between the US and UK) Wikipedia proves itself as useful as ever.

Aster cards available in my shop,  now fairly well stocked once again. I'm also offering free postage on any orders over £10 until the end of March with the code SPRING17

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