Thursday, 26 November 2015

Change of Address Cards

As I've mentioned before, I'm quite convinced that having your own bespoke stationery is the utter height of elegance and sophistication. Imagine being so fancy that you don't have to write your address on the top of the paper each time you settle down to your correspondence! (Probably with a china cup of Early Grey at your elbow, as you pen charming thank you notes for recent soirĂ©es at which you were highly diverted by bon mots from the cream of society.) (I have, quite possibly, over thought this.)

Anyway, if you're moving house (or have recently moved and your Royal Mail redirect is about to end and you really don't want to have to renew it) maybe consider some bespoke change of address cards from my Etsy shop! These are customisable to various degrees: blank (still have to write your own address - the humanity!), printed with your new address above my illustration featuring a row of beautiful homes, or printed with your address and a custom portrait of your new house. 

Something to suit every budget and which will look perfect stuck to the fridges of your friends and family to make sure all your Christmas cards get to the right place in the future!

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