Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Emma Bunny

Current favourite bunny, although she makes me wonder why anyone would make a child's toy in white. Unless they're anticipating the fun of watching her little bunny face peering out of the washing machine on her millionth visit.

My poor grandmother lived for many years with the guilt of having de-eared one of my uncle's favourite bears after washing him and pegging him on the line by said protuberances. Family lore told that the weight of the sodden bear pulled the stitches apart, with the result that the bear hit the lawn and the ears remained on the line flapping merrily in the breeze. Some twenty years later my mother admitted that she was in fact the architect of the bears destruction; my uncle had been so upset at being parted from his bear that she had jumped and grabbed it by the feet... with the obvious consequences.  

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