Thursday, 9 January 2014

Happy January!

I had the brilliant idea to start doing a monthly desktop calendar for myself in 2014, and to make it downloadable in case any of you out there also wanted to use it. But I should have remembered that doing anything to start on the first of January is pretty difficult... so here it is, only a third of the way through the month. Hopefully I might manage to be a bit more organised for February.

You can download it (hopefully) from Flickr here.

Oh, and the illustration of course celebrates all the optimistic juicing and smoothie-making resolutions we come up with at this time of year. I'm actually very fond of making smoothies and do manage it quite frequently (especially green monsters) but a whole pint (it's impossible to make a smaller amount, I've tried) of just a little bit above freezing smoothie never seems so appealing in the winter. Could someone out there invent a warm (but not disgusting) smoothie, please?

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